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Lorena Maqueda is a Spanish artist born in Madrid. From a young age, she showed a great interest in drawing and painting and began to develop her technique and style throughout her life.

The work of Lorena Maqueda is characterized by a wide variety of techniques and styles, ranging from watercolor to pencil and digital art. Her illustrations are delicate and detailed, and her style is very recognizable for her use of color and attention to detail.

One of the standout elements of Lorena Maqueda’s work is her use of color. Her illustrations are full of soft and pastel tones that create a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere. The artist uses color to bring her characters to life and create a dreamlike ambiance that invites us to immerse ourselves in her stories.

In the work of Lorena Maqueda, it is also common to find female characters as protagonists, showing the strength and beauty of women in all their facets. The artist creates scenes full of emotion and sensitivity, inviting us to reflect on universal themes such as love, friendship, or nature.

In summary, Lorena Maqueda is an artist with a very personal and recognizable work that combines diverse techniques and styles to create a dreamlike and beautiful universe. Her use of color and attention to detail make her illustrations a true pleasure for the senses.

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