Stories Devourer

Stories Devourer (Procreate – March 2023) represents all the people passionate about books. She spends hours reading, completely oblivious to everything happening around her and immersed in her imagination as she explores unreal worlds and identifies with extraordinary characters. The illustration conveys the idea that books are gateways to incredible worlds that can transport readers away from reality, allowing them to experience exciting adventures and…

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Essence of Femininity

Essence of Feminity (February 2023) – She finally embodies grace, beauty and a nurturing spirit, comfortable being herself and embracing her femininity as a key part of her identity.

Gray Dreamer

Gray Dreamer (September 2022) Fly high (takaku tobu/高く飛ぶ), explore and discover new worlds, regardless of your age. Keep moving, take the risk, meet new people and please… ENJOY!

You are Light

You are Light (August 2022) Adolescence can be a complicated stage in which we, as parents and relatives, must not forget to support our kids and let them know how special they are. Portrait for my lovely niece Gabriella, who is a bright light in my life

Radius Project

Radius Project (June 2022) – Aaron, Adam, Brian, Isabel, Jeff, John, Justin, Max, Natalie and Pooja. In this case I was commissioned to draw the portraits of the Radius team members and turn them into NFTs as a gift for their contribution to the company. I will always thank its CEO for the opportunity. You can visit the collection in this link:


Chalchiuhtlicue (May 2022) Aztec goddess of water, aware of the power that engulfs her, uses her divine gift both for destruction with overflowing rivers and for giving a break to the peasants who eagerly await rain for their crops. This is illustration was inspired by my visit to American Museum in Madrid where I found an sculpture of this goddess.

Cheetah Girl

CHEETAH GIRL  (April 2022) Her deep gaze invites you to enjoy every detail that surrounds you; to daydream about a world in balance where everyone can be themselves without fearing to be judged.