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Martian Driving

Martian Driving (June 2021) The arrival of man and his technology to Mars will be an adventure of exploration. He will have to trace new paths in an infinite and unknown world. It will undoubtedly be…

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Planetary Sunset

Planetary Sunset (May 2021) Solitude surrounded by a beautiful planetary sunset, where there is infinite stillness and peace. This illustration is inspired on a photo taken at Canary Islands (Spain).

Looking for grays

Looking for grays (April 2021) Every day I tell myself that not everything in life is black or white. It is full of shades and grays, although they are difficult to see. Opening your eyes…

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The Abyss

The Abyss (November 2020) She no longer remembered since when she fell from that blackness that seemed to have no end. She just let herself go, abandoned on an eternal journey. However, the darkness gave…

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Inner Space

Inner Space (October 2020) Sometimes we forget that not only an immense universe surrounds us, but that we coexist with an inner space that is equally opaque, unknown, vast and beautiful at the same time….

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